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Yay, i now have t'internet on my mobile, which also means more regular access to LJ. Of course, typing with just one thumb makes the whole posting thing rather more arduous, but i will be doing my best to update on a semi-regular basis!

So, what have i been up to? Mainly gigs - a slightly insane number recently, as October seems to be filled with good bands - the Pixies, Sonic Boom Six, Random Hand, Therapy?, and last night Skindred. I'm a bit knackered now, but thankfully tonight should be more chilled out with H&R. Hurrah!

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I am considering going to this:

Take 291, London's weekly showcase for experimental, underground and
avant-garde artists' film, continues in July after a spectacular first
month. It's every Thursday in July (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th). All at
7.30pm and costs only ?2 for loads of films disrupting the norm: Venue:
291 Gallery, 291 Hackney road, London, e2 8na (Old Street Tube and 55
bus/ Buses 26, 48 and 55) email -

It's at the same venue as Whirly, and I quite fancy seeing the place without all the lights and sparkles. Anyone up for joining me this thursday?

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Today was a fun day - the plan was to go get tragus piercings in Camden with charliemouse , and then numb the pain with Bloody Marys and chit-chat. But what I love about being with a really good friend is that it is all the bits in between the planned entertainment that are the most special - chatting on the train about the way our brains work, speculating about whether any cocktail should contain lumps of horseradish, and getting to know someone I thought I knew a little bit better :-) I am very lucky to have a mate like her.

And now it gets even soppier...


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The most extraordinary cat in the world?

Most of you will have read on the lovely Jfs' LJ that little Richter, our cat, had to have his leg amputated yesterday. He's doing fine, running around the house, and occasionally sprawling across the bed in a tragic manner, huge wound exposed, looking for cuddles, which he has been receiving in abundance.

I have just given him his first penicillin tablet. Now, those of you with cats of your own will know that administering a tablet to a cat usually involves immobilizing them with a mixture of your own arms and legs, and in severe cases a towel, to protect from claws and mop up the (human) blood. Then, the cat's head is tilted back, its mouth prised open, pill slid in, and its throat is stroked until it eventually swallows, often after several attempts.

Having tried this method with Rick, I put the tablet down onto the tablet while I tried to get a better grip. Slipping through my arms, he jumped up onto the table, and ate the tablet, looking at me as if to ask what all the fuss was about.

Is this normal? Is the whole pill-feeding ritual just cooked up by sadistic dogs? Or do we just have a very cool cat?

99p stores are not good places for new kitten owners...

Richter has just entered the living room to find a special fun light (like a laser pointer, but not as good - grr), a fish on a stick, 3 balls, a bell in a cage, a bag of catnip, a toy mouse, and a whole selection of probably indistinguishable Whiskas treats.

And he's now trying to suffocate himself in the plastic bag they all came in* - yet another example of modern-day ennui, or just a cat of simple tastes?

Damn it, I even forgot the grass seed that I went in, but he's just_so_cute

*Worry not, even as I write his attention has turned to net curtains, and the bag has been hidden away :-)
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An event of note....

Some of you may have noticed that this journal has not been updated for a good long while. I haven't quite settled on how I want to use it - to record and share my thoughts, to keep my friends updated of events in my life, or to promote myself to people I barely know.

But today is the start of a new adventure which should definately be recorded. Most of my belongings are packed into boxes, and in a few hours, the lovely Jfs will arrive. Tomorrow morning we will drive back to Ilford, unpack my things, and his home will become our home. Wow.
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Oh no, I'm trapped in the internet...

I have a feeling that this whole becoming computer literate is not actually such a great idea for me :-(
Although I haven't posted on LJ for far too long, that's because I have been spending hours each day trawling through the communities, deciding which to join. Which is fun, but possibly far too frivilous for someone who has filming to do.

As far as filming goes at the moment, I feel like all of the technical knowledge I am gaining is pushing all the creative thoughts out of my head, so that now I know how to do things, just not what to do. I think this feeling explains why a lot of directors have so many people around to help them - so that their artist vision doesn't get jaded by the harsh realities of making it happen. Or maybe I'm just talking codshite :-? Either way, fingers crossed I start coming up with some decent ideas soon.

And the work that was done a few weeks ago now? Well, editing has proved that you should alway film far more than you think you need, even though your precious film may seem to be flying through the camera at a heart-rending speed (or 25 f/p/s to be exact). A lack of lengthy close-up shots of one character means that we can't cut the film as planned, but, on the plus side, at least we have sound, unlike the other two groups on my course, who are currently coming up with ingenious ways to make their films less, well, silent.

Tomorrow, I jump on a train and head to Ilford for a long weekend that will doubtless be filled with fun, hugs, and bouncing around on tigger-feet. Oh, and playing at being coool with the d'n'b crowd at Fabric on Friday night - this will be another awfully big adventure, so I'm armed with popping candy in case it all turns nasty :-)
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And the snow has reached Southampton...

Arghh, and hurray!

Just looked out of the window to see the blizzard arriving, heralded by the sirens and flashing blue lights of the emergency services, already called to some disaster or other.

So, now I have snow, but still no-one to make snow angels with :-(

How serious is this? Serious enough to make a journey to Rotterdam, starting at 5am tomorrow, impossible?
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Less mayhem and chaos than expected!

So the shooting is over. The expensive equipment, including the little tiny things that must not, under any circumstances, be lost, has been returned. The precious film stock has been carefully packaged up and sent off to the lab. And now my course-mates and I are attempting to rid ourselves of the stress hormones in our own particular ways, while delicately exploring who we may have offended in the heat of the creative process.

My own personal stress relief has principally taken the form of pints of belgian beer, indie student nights (I have yet to discover a music scene more suited to my tastes in Southampton), and, most enjoyably, a surprise visit from Jfs on Sunday.

And then, on Monday, a presentation to our lecturers, reviewing what we have learned during filming. My initial fears that I had somehow missed the point of the assessment were quickly assuaged - each of my classmates repeated, in slightly differing ways, that filmmaking is fun, 16mm camera and nargras have lots of buttons and removable parts, and everything takes muuchh longer than expected. Not exactly the deep insights one might hope for from MA students, but the lecturers seemed happy enough.

Of course the really interesting bit will be when the film arrives back from the lab, and we get to see what the footage looks like, but bizarrely we aren't assessed on this. I fear this course may be a bit of a con, but at least the crazy fools let us play with their equipment :-)

And they arrange field trips for us - on Thursday morning I'm off to the Rotterdam film festival. At present, I only have a few screenings booked, but I may attempt to turn on the charm and gatecrash a few events. I'm viewing it as a recon mission for next year, when I plan to be there with a film to sell, so I'd best get used to blagging...