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Oh no, I'm trapped in the internet...

I have a feeling that this whole becoming computer literate is not actually such a great idea for me :-(
Although I haven't posted on LJ for far too long, that's because I have been spending hours each day trawling through the communities, deciding which to join. Which is fun, but possibly far too frivilous for someone who has filming to do.

As far as filming goes at the moment, I feel like all of the technical knowledge I am gaining is pushing all the creative thoughts out of my head, so that now I know how to do things, just not what to do. I think this feeling explains why a lot of directors have so many people around to help them - so that their artist vision doesn't get jaded by the harsh realities of making it happen. Or maybe I'm just talking codshite :-? Either way, fingers crossed I start coming up with some decent ideas soon.

And the work that was done a few weeks ago now? Well, editing has proved that you should alway film far more than you think you need, even though your precious film may seem to be flying through the camera at a heart-rending speed (or 25 f/p/s to be exact). A lack of lengthy close-up shots of one character means that we can't cut the film as planned, but, on the plus side, at least we have sound, unlike the other two groups on my course, who are currently coming up with ingenious ways to make their films less, well, silent.

Tomorrow, I jump on a train and head to Ilford for a long weekend that will doubtless be filled with fun, hugs, and bouncing around on tigger-feet. Oh, and playing at being coool with the d'n'b crowd at Fabric on Friday night - this will be another awfully big adventure, so I'm armed with popping candy in case it all turns nasty :-)

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