feistyredhead (feistyredhead) wrote,

The most extraordinary cat in the world?

Most of you will have read on the lovely Jfs' LJ that little Richter, our cat, had to have his leg amputated yesterday. He's doing fine, running around the house, and occasionally sprawling across the bed in a tragic manner, huge wound exposed, looking for cuddles, which he has been receiving in abundance.

I have just given him his first penicillin tablet. Now, those of you with cats of your own will know that administering a tablet to a cat usually involves immobilizing them with a mixture of your own arms and legs, and in severe cases a towel, to protect from claws and mop up the (human) blood. Then, the cat's head is tilted back, its mouth prised open, pill slid in, and its throat is stroked until it eventually swallows, often after several attempts.

Having tried this method with Rick, I put the tablet down onto the tablet while I tried to get a better grip. Slipping through my arms, he jumped up onto the table, and ate the tablet, looking at me as if to ask what all the fuss was about.

Is this normal? Is the whole pill-feeding ritual just cooked up by sadistic dogs? Or do we just have a very cool cat?

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