feistyredhead (feistyredhead) wrote,

Less mayhem and chaos than expected!

So the shooting is over. The expensive equipment, including the little tiny things that must not, under any circumstances, be lost, has been returned. The precious film stock has been carefully packaged up and sent off to the lab. And now my course-mates and I are attempting to rid ourselves of the stress hormones in our own particular ways, while delicately exploring who we may have offended in the heat of the creative process.

My own personal stress relief has principally taken the form of pints of belgian beer, indie student nights (I have yet to discover a music scene more suited to my tastes in Southampton), and, most enjoyably, a surprise visit from Jfs on Sunday.

And then, on Monday, a presentation to our lecturers, reviewing what we have learned during filming. My initial fears that I had somehow missed the point of the assessment were quickly assuaged - each of my classmates repeated, in slightly differing ways, that filmmaking is fun, 16mm camera and nargras have lots of buttons and removable parts, and everything takes muuchh longer than expected. Not exactly the deep insights one might hope for from MA students, but the lecturers seemed happy enough.

Of course the really interesting bit will be when the film arrives back from the lab, and we get to see what the footage looks like, but bizarrely we aren't assessed on this. I fear this course may be a bit of a con, but at least the crazy fools let us play with their equipment :-)

And they arrange field trips for us - on Thursday morning I'm off to the Rotterdam film festival. At present, I only have a few screenings booked, but I may attempt to turn on the charm and gatecrash a few events. I'm viewing it as a recon mission for next year, when I plan to be there with a film to sell, so I'd best get used to blagging...

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