Hello All

So, I've finally made it onto Livejournal - hurrah!

I say "finally" because it's taken 6 months, and several gentle hints from Jfs and friends to get me here - but I think I'm going to like it - see my mood.

So for those of you who don't know anything about me, and find my profile strangely unrevealing (I haven't decided which 50 words best sum me up yet :-)) here's a brief intro;

I'm currently studying for an MA in Independent Film in Southampton - this not only allows me to argue vociferously about the evils of popular culture, but is hopefully leading me down a soon-to-fork path. One prong leading to recognition and profit points as a sought-after director, the other to 7p tins of baked beans and temp work as a struggling filmmaker. Both of which would make me happy, but the first is preferable, as it would allow me to look after those around me in a style to which they would like to become accustomed, and buy a kitten and a pony.

Apart from scripts and Super 16, a significant part of my life is spent clubbing. I favour the kind with shiny lights, fast uplifting beats, and bouncing, but most clubs are great as long as they permit the wearing of coats while awaiting entry, and have a proportion of beautiful boys and girls to admire while waiting at the bar. Oh, and music...

Other than that, I can be quite a boring person. The bright red dreadlocks often seem to hint at a wild personality, especially when interlaced with UV-reactive plastic, but appearances may deceive. Relaxing with a cup of tea and a good friend can be a great night for me.

Those of you who do know me may well have given up reading this drivel by now, but some of you may well have hung-on hoping for some information on what I'm doing at the moment.

Well, my recent absence from London (my usual weekend hangout)is due to a cranking-up of the work load. Last week, I was "sleeping girl" (not exactly a starring role) in a friend's film, and next week he returns the favour by acting in my (very) short film project. We shoot on Tuesday, so expect tales of mayhem when I recover, and then it's straight on to acting in another friend's film project. This time I even get lines, which rather disturbs me, since I'm usually more of a behind-the-camera type, but I've been assured that there is no-one better available, so I'm feeling a little less worried about messing it up.

This is all going to be a big learning experience, rather than the creation of beautiful art, but I'm looking forward to it.
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